Monday, April 30, 2007

Yet Another Try......

....This is in all seriousness, my 637063046th blog. I hope I can keep up with this one.......I hope! Anyhows, I start this, after visiting these two blogs by these two very special and wonderful women and being inspired by them. The first one belongs to Sheye Rosemeyer ( who is probably one of the most amazing woman and photographer I know (well sort of, you know what I mean) and mother of Angel Princess, Ava ( The other woman is a friend of Sheye, Carrie Young ( , who again is an amazing woman and a great photographer. Her pictures just put a smile on my face everytime.

If you dont know me, I am Fari. I am 20 years old and I live in North Carolina with my parents and two younger brothers. I love England, Fashion, Photography (have no talent whatsoever), shopping, and all the other things that really dont matter. I am very random and love to rant...most of my rants dont really make sense but thats just me.