Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is it possible.... miss someone you never met or knew? I miss Ava. I really do. I think about how big she would have been now and maybe the stories her mom would have shared and I go into such deep pain that I never knew before. Her mummy posted a picture of her and I just. I just miss her. I can't begin to understand the pain her family must be going through. Why does such things happen? I am not into God at all and it makes me question why did he take her away? Why?

What A Sweetheart!!!!

Is all I can say about my precious Sona! God she's sooooooooooooo sweet! She's such a darling darling DARLING! Just so sweet. I can't say that enough time! She's just precious, AN ANGEL! I can't get over what a sweetheart she is! She's stunningly (is that a word?) gorgeous, the sweetheart, she got a personality to die for, and she's just too sweet! AAAAHHHH I adoooorreeeee her! I can't adore her more.

It sounds like I am talking about a little baby but umm she's actually 22 LMAOOOO!!!

9 more days till I see Saawariya!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Still Alive!

Just been too busy with school and DC move and everything else. Will try to post more once we move to the new place.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Team Sonam

How freakin' adorable is she?!? Just how adorable is she? I am so in awe of her, it's not even funny. The last time I was in awe of someone so much was Aishwarya.

Sonam is too adorable for words. She got the cutest personality. She seems so down to earth and so content with herself. She got the sweetest personality and is so bubbly and funny. And her like takes over her face and makes you smile with her and she got the cutest laugh! She's "amazingly beautiful" like Ranbir says.

Being Anil's daughter, I would have supported her no matter what but now I think I would have been a fan of her even if she was not Anl's daughter. I really hope Saawariya does well and she gets appreciated.

Oh on another side, I am becoming a Ranbir fan too. Well more like a fan of Ranbir and Sonam as a couple. They compliment eachother so well! Totally adorable!