Monday, December 6, 2010

Holy Moly!

It's been three years since my last post!! Just found this blog today randomly!

I went through and read everything and geez, I used to cuss so much. Thank God I left that habit!

So much has changed over the last three years and some haven't! I went to photography school (I still suck at taking pics by the way), I went to London (I loved it even more than I was expecting to), Aryan is still Satan Jr. (I guess some things never change), I still love Sona (How can I not?) and I am still clueless on life!

Hope to update this blog more often!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Unconditional Love

Does it exist? Ofcourse one can love their parents, their siblings, their child unconditionally but can can you love someone you never met so much? How about after one meeting? Being a HUGE bollywood fan, I've seen a billion and one movies where the two lovers in the movie are deeply and madly in love just after looking at eachother. Enough in love to sing and dance and run around trees or dance in a towel *cough*PRETTYBUMBOY*cough*........but is it possible in real life?

How about loving someone so much without actually being in love with that person? Can you love someone you never met so much that you pray for their happiness, their success, their smile? Can you love someone in an totally uncondition way that isn't the love of your life or your child or your family? Why do we love someone so much? I mean what makes us fall so in love with someone that we are ready to give up everything in life for their happiness? What is love? How do you define love? To me, its the most innocent, the most pure feeling in the world. To me, you love someone when all you want in life is for them to be happy, when you put your happiness on the sideline for theirs, when you can do anything in the world for their one smile, when you feel like destroying anything that might make them even a teeny bit upset, when you are ready to give up everything but don't want anything in return, when being around them makes you feel like the luckiest most happiest person in the world, when you are on a constant high when your around them, even when things go wrong, their one smile makes everything better even for a second, when you......aye.

I've never been IN love with anyone but there are a lot of people that I love without any conditions. People that I think rule this world.....that makes me wonder, why do we give someone so much importance? I mean they are human too, why do we nearly worship some people? What is it about them that makes us do that?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Idiotic critics

I saw Saawariya and I loved it. I dn't care what anyone else says. Both Ranbir and Sonam are superstars. Sonam took my breath away, she was that good. Her character was a bit weak but she made the biggest impact. She rocked!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

OSO Vs. Saawariya

Ok can I just say, I don't care of SRK's fake abs and Deepika's waxy looks "win"....I don't care if OSO is the biggest hit of the century. I really don't. I just want Saawariya to do well. Sona and Bir worked so hard on it so for their sake, I want the movie to do well. And both OSO and Saawariya can come out winners, really. There is no competition. You are comparing Ranbir with someone who been in the industry for more then 10 years, who is known to be "KING Khan", who happens to be one of the biggest stars at the moment. This is Ranbir's first movie. How is that fair? You are comparing Sonam with someone who already have a previous movie experience, who been in the industry as a model for years, who is more well-known, again how is that fair? It's not! Yes we Saawariya Manics are going crazy about our sweetus but we don't go into every OSO topic bashing OSO. We know OSO has more chances of winning and frankly we don't care. We just want Saawariya to do well.

2 MORE DAYS TO GO!! I am so freakin nervous! Aaah tomorrow is the premiere in Bombay with all the big industry people coming to support and JUDGE our babies! I am so not ready for this....aahhhh! I will sleep tonight, yes I will.

Monday, November 5, 2007

11 books to read....

So I just ordered 11 books and most of them are because they are on Sona's favorite list haha! Can't wait to get them!

I saw the dialogue promo of Saawariya today and ofcourse my excitement level doubled and arrrgg I don't know how I'll wait for three more days! Sonam as usual was just AMAZING! I am getting tired of using the word amazing but thats the only way I can describe her. She just is. Her dialogue delievery was so perfect and her expressions were flawless. She's going to be so huge, I just know it. Haha I hope when she's a huge superstar, she doesn't forget about us little people on facebook :p

Honestly though, I know that Saawariya would do well and Sona will be huge but at the same time, I am nervous too. Though, I don't care how Saawariya does, Sona will always be a huge star to me. I love her more then words can describe haha. She's so much like me, its scares me in a way haha. She's def. my hero. I can relate to her in so many levels so its all cool.

Sona darling, no matter what happens on friday, I'll still support you and love you no matter what. To me, you already are a superstar!

Friday, November 2, 2007

She Knows Who I Am!!!!!

Well ok fine she have known who I am for a month now cause I am such a annoying little git but I was still in denial but OMMMMMMGGGGGGG she knows who I am now for real. [i]Oh Mere Sona Re, Sona Re, Sona Re, Kabhi Na Change Hona Re[/i]

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get Well Soon, Sona!

Our poor darling has a sty in her eye. Poor precious princess! Kisi ki nazar lag mom says only those who love you give you nazar so I hope it was not from me. I am going to say "Mashallah" from now on just so she won't get more nazars. Even if I thought it was a joke when people would say saying "Mashallah" will prevent you from getting nazar! Anything for our Sona Bacha though! And Bir looked so cute saying it, so its a IN thing now. Yes I confirmed my sad status even more.

Get Well Soon, Darling Sona!