Monday, November 5, 2007

11 books to read....

So I just ordered 11 books and most of them are because they are on Sona's favorite list haha! Can't wait to get them!

I saw the dialogue promo of Saawariya today and ofcourse my excitement level doubled and arrrgg I don't know how I'll wait for three more days! Sonam as usual was just AMAZING! I am getting tired of using the word amazing but thats the only way I can describe her. She just is. Her dialogue delievery was so perfect and her expressions were flawless. She's going to be so huge, I just know it. Haha I hope when she's a huge superstar, she doesn't forget about us little people on facebook :p

Honestly though, I know that Saawariya would do well and Sona will be huge but at the same time, I am nervous too. Though, I don't care how Saawariya does, Sona will always be a huge star to me. I love her more then words can describe haha. She's so much like me, its scares me in a way haha. She's def. my hero. I can relate to her in so many levels so its all cool.

Sona darling, no matter what happens on friday, I'll still support you and love you no matter what. To me, you already are a superstar!

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