Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Unconditional Love

Does it exist? Ofcourse one can love their parents, their siblings, their child unconditionally but can can you love someone you never met so much? How about after one meeting? Being a HUGE bollywood fan, I've seen a billion and one movies where the two lovers in the movie are deeply and madly in love just after looking at eachother. Enough in love to sing and dance and run around trees or dance in a towel *cough*PRETTYBUMBOY*cough*........but is it possible in real life?

How about loving someone so much without actually being in love with that person? Can you love someone you never met so much that you pray for their happiness, their success, their smile? Can you love someone in an totally uncondition way that isn't the love of your life or your child or your family? Why do we love someone so much? I mean what makes us fall so in love with someone that we are ready to give up everything in life for their happiness? What is love? How do you define love? To me, its the most innocent, the most pure feeling in the world. To me, you love someone when all you want in life is for them to be happy, when you put your happiness on the sideline for theirs, when you can do anything in the world for their one smile, when you feel like destroying anything that might make them even a teeny bit upset, when you are ready to give up everything but don't want anything in return, when being around them makes you feel like the luckiest most happiest person in the world, when you are on a constant high when your around them, even when things go wrong, their one smile makes everything better even for a second, when you......aye.

I've never been IN love with anyone but there are a lot of people that I love without any conditions. People that I think rule this world.....that makes me wonder, why do we give someone so much importance? I mean they are human too, why do we nearly worship some people? What is it about them that makes us do that?

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