Tuesday, November 6, 2007

OSO Vs. Saawariya

Ok can I just say, I don't care of SRK's fake abs and Deepika's waxy looks "win"....I don't care if OSO is the biggest hit of the century. I really don't. I just want Saawariya to do well. Sona and Bir worked so hard on it so for their sake, I want the movie to do well. And both OSO and Saawariya can come out winners, really. There is no competition. You are comparing Ranbir with someone who been in the industry for more then 10 years, who is known to be "KING Khan", who happens to be one of the biggest stars at the moment. This is Ranbir's first movie. How is that fair? You are comparing Sonam with someone who already have a previous movie experience, who been in the industry as a model for years, who is more well-known, again how is that fair? It's not! Yes we Saawariya Manics are going crazy about our sweetus but we don't go into every OSO topic bashing OSO. We know OSO has more chances of winning and frankly we don't care. We just want Saawariya to do well.

2 MORE DAYS TO GO!! I am so freakin nervous! Aaah tomorrow is the premiere in Bombay with all the big industry people coming to support and JUDGE our babies! I am so not ready for this....aahhhh! I will sleep tonight, yes I will.

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pinKette` said...

i think both saawariya and OSO are amazing in their own ways but i do believe Saawariya has the potential to do better in the box-office if it wasnt released on the same day as OSO.

and Ranbir is such a cutie! (: haha. both him and sonam has great abilities to prosper in the industry and i wanna see more of them.

however, i dont think it's unfair to put shahrukh ('fake abs') or deepika ('waxy looks') (???) down cos it's not fair. all of them whether it's SRK, Ranbir, Deepika or Sonam are very much deserving of their hardwork into the films they made and connecting with the audiences. (: