Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday To A Super Princess

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl named Ava. She loved all things pink and sparkly. Everyone who ever met her, fell in love with her. She was confident, sweet, loving, and all things nice. But one day, the angels living in pink clouds missed her too much and they called her back to join them. She left this world on Feb. 5th, 2007. People say she was too beautiful for this world anyways!

Today, on August 22nd, if she was still here, she would have been celebrating her fourth birthday. She would have had a princess and ballet birthday party with everything pink. She would have been spoiled rotten by her mummy, daddy, grandad, , her brothers Luca and Mason, and her little sister Ivy and everyone whose lives she changed forever. But instead all her family can do is try not to cry today.

Remember Ava. Say a prayer for her family to find some peace today. Hug everyone you love and tell them how much they mean to you because you have no clue how lucky you realy are to have your loved ones around you. Dance a little and forget about your worries for a day. Wear something pink. If you can, release a pink balloon or lit a candle at her site at http://avarosemeyer.memory-of.com

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girl!

There's a party in heaven,
the Super Princess is four,
there are ponies and carousels,
no little girl could want more.

Close your eyes and you'll see her,
rosy cheeks on her precious face,
twirling and laughing,
filled with love, peace and grace.

She's dancing with angels,
squealing with glee,
through the carpet of balloons,
with fairy lights in the trees.

Her cake is a castle,
there could be nothing less,
it has pink icing and lollies,
perfect for a Super Princess.

She is surrounded by new friends
and there are presents galore
they sing Happy Birthday
for the Super Princess who turns four.

For a moment she turns her head,
a sound from the distance breaks through.
A huge smile lights her face
and she answers i loveyousomuchtoo!!

*poem copied from her mum's blog @ http://sheyerosemeyer.blogspot.com*

I would be posting my balloon pictures in the morning.

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Millicent said...

You write very well.