Thursday, August 16, 2007

So I have joined the club....

Well I have a lot to talk about my D.C trip but for now I wrote this for a forum so I am gonna copy and paste:

Well I always been a goody two-shoes and never went partying or anything. Even when the people at my DMV messed up my ID and put my birth year to 1986 instead of 1987, I never took advantage of it. But when I went to D.C to visit my favorite cousin, Mariam, I decided to sod it and when she said she was planning to go clubbing with her friends, and asked me if I would like to go along, I said yes. So we went right after having a HUGE HUGE HUGE dinner. I had my first Mojito and it was a bit bitter at first but I found myself asking for another glass. Then we went downstairs and I wanted to try something new so my cousin ordered me a rasberry vodka with coke. After that, because of the huge dinner, I was pretty full. Anyways everyone started to dance and I was starting to feel my drinks and was getting a bit light headed but I didnt think I was drunk cause well I still knew what I was doing or saying and I suppose when your drunk, you do crazy things or I am just too stupid.

If you must know, I never ever ever NEVEEER dance. NEVER EVER. That's like so Anti-Fari, its not even funny. But one of my cousin's friend/co-worker, a middle aged spanish woman named Blanca pulled me to the dance floor and like OMG I started to dance. Like who fucking cares if people would look at me, I was dancing away. Then a guy asked me to dance and I danced. AGAIN who fucking cares if I promised myself I'll never dance in public. I was not drunk though, maybe a bit too confident? After a while, I got tired, so I went and sat down and had half of my cousin's mojito and then this geeky guy asks me to dance and I am like "Sorry I'm too tired" (pretty normal) and the next second Blanca pulls me on the dance floor again and I start going wild. Still not drunk. And then this freaky old man comes and starts to dance with me and I am like DUDE GO AWAY and my cousin's boyfriend hears that and he's pretty drunk and he's like "Don't even look at her or you'll be sorry" and usually by this point, I should have been very scared but I started to laugh like a maniac. No I am not drunk.....I am only light headed! After our little dance, me and my cousin decide to take a walk at Dupont Circle the trendy area of D.C which is a favorite hangout for gays. Knowing that pretty well, we started to flirt with all these gay men. For fuck's sake I never ever ever ever ever flirt with anyone! Again its just too much confidence, I am not drunk. Then we go to the fountain and dip our fucking feet in there. Nobody minds since everyone around us is drunk except me ofcourse. Then we just started to walk around IN the fucking fountain laughing our heads off and still claiming we are not drunk at all. So we walk to the metro and Mariam realizes her heels are killing her so we switch shoes. Her shoe size is like two sizes smaller but I still force myself to wear her heels. Fari NEVER wears heels let alone 2 sizes too small but hey who fucking cares if I fall flat on my face? Now seriously! We see this drunk girl walking barefoot holding her shoes and we laugh at her saying how stupid she is. When our metro ride is over and we are going to her boyfriend's car, I realize my feets are killing me so I am walking around barefoot carrying Mariam's heels. No I was not drunk! So we go home and Mariam asks me if I am drunk...."Me, no!!! You?" and she's like "Nah!"...........the next day we dont wake up till 2 pm and complain of headaces.....drunk? Us? No way!

Right after we had dinner:

At the fountain:

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