Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What A Sweetheart!!!!

Is all I can say about my precious Sona! God she's sooooooooooooo sweet! She's such a darling darling DARLING! Just so sweet. I can't say that enough time! She's just precious, AN ANGEL! I can't get over what a sweetheart she is! She's stunningly (is that a word?) gorgeous, the sweetheart, she got a personality to die for, and she's just too sweet! AAAAHHHH I adoooorreeeee her! I can't adore her more.

It sounds like I am talking about a little baby but umm she's actually 22 LMAOOOO!!!

9 more days till I see Saawariya!!


M.Bhandal said...

awwwwww she is like an innocent child though

our sona bachaa!

Fari said...

Sona Bacha! She's going to freak out if she hears us talking about her like this.

Our sweetu!

Manpreet Bhandal said...

..but she is our bachaa :-) HAHA!

okayyyy is this the limit?? nahh