Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is it possible.... miss someone you never met or knew? I miss Ava. I really do. I think about how big she would have been now and maybe the stories her mom would have shared and I go into such deep pain that I never knew before. Her mummy posted a picture of her and I just. I just miss her. I can't begin to understand the pain her family must be going through. Why does such things happen? I am not into God at all and it makes me question why did he take her away? Why?

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Manpreet Bhandal said...

aww fari..ur too cute
i remember u making a topic about the accident, it's so can never know why God does this kind of stuff and this is when ppl start questioning his's impossible to understand...
ava was adorable..i wish her family all the strength and hope wherever she is today, she's happy. bless..