Friday, June 22, 2007

My Big News....

No I am not getting married, no I am not having any kids.

Ok I know some of you been just dying to hear my big news, NOT, but here it goes................I am *drum roll please* moving to TAMPA!!!!

After god knows how much thinking, deciding and what not, I decided to go after my "dreams" and take the Journalism thing seriously. So I am going to IADT - International Academy Of Design & Technology. I would be there for 18 months doing a course on Photojournalism. After 9 months, I'll be going to London or Paris or Dubai or Milan. One of the four....ok doah! I'll be going to LONDON!!!!!!!!! It might not seem like a big deal but it actually is! I never been away from home before, I never had the confidence to do something that would keep me away from my comfort zone so I am very nervous and exicted at the same time. I got the call today confirming that I have been accepted. Ofcourse there is a teeny bit chance that I might not go if the Financial Aid thing doesnt work out. But at this point, since I actually got accepted which is a big shock in it itself since my High school grades were worse then worse and my college grades are not that great either, I think the Financial Aid would work out. Sorry Angie, I have not decided to become a man LMAO but I am going to London!!!!!

P.S: I did get your call and been trying to call you but you wont pick up :p


Sue xx said...

Wow go for it! At least if you give it a go you won't regret it.
Good Luck
Sue xx

Fari said...

Thanks Sue! I am very exicted!