Friday, June 29, 2007

Time To Zigazig Ha Again!!!

YESSS!! The Girls are offically back! The World famous, Spice Girls announced yesterday plans for a 11 date World Tour, a greatest hits album and a 2 hour documentary! You only had to see the press conference to see they still have that magic, still have the same madness! I am so so so so exicted!! If you dont know, I am a huggeee Victoria Beckham fan and ah, one of the stops is in New York and I am so going there to finally see her! Yes she CAN sing, so shut up! So many of us waited for this for so long and all of you laughing, piss off cause you so know when they were big, you were singing Zigazighaing as well! And now they are back!! Better then before! All these years, and nothing have changed. It feels like 97 again! Ah so exicted! Jessica aka Mrs. Gentzal aka The Italian Girl who I thought was french and I been making plans non stop! After December 11th, 2007, New York City will never be the same again! Soooooooooo exicted!

Oh if you want to get tickets, register at The girls will randomly pick people who will be able to buy tickets so dont forget to sign up!!!

In other news, I adopted a monkey named "Cruzie" on facebook and if you are on my facebook, go pet him so I can get some "munny" to feed him. :-p Yes thats for you Jess!!!

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