Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Aryan and His New Ride

Havent played around with the camera for a few days now since I been sooooo busy trying to sort everything out for Tampa. Phone calls to make, emails to write, packages to send, and what not. Sooooo stressed!! My head hurts! Anyways to get a little break, I took Aryan for a walk outside and he got super exicted when I told him he can take out his Orange Power Ride thing. We got it for him last year for his birthday but it been tucked away for the winter and he was a bit too small for it so when he saw it few days ago, he thoughts we got him a brand new car! Took some pictures of him. For some of them, I forgot to set the speedlite in the right angle or something. They turned out alright I think.

Some other random pictures:

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Jessica said...

Aww what cute pictures! He's adorable. And LOL at the fact that he thought it was a brand new car..what a cutie!