Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Little Go-Kart Incident

Few weeks ago, when we took Aryan to Adventure Landing for the first time, he loved it. He esp. loved the go-karts and the golf thing. He been asking to go back so today I decided to nice and take him since I havent had any 40 pounds tonka trucks thrown at me. So we get our ticket for the Go-Kart Double Seat thing. The rules are that the passenger seat person has to be atleast 3 years old and Aryan is nearly four so we were fine. We go on the Go-Kart and I make sure Aryan's seat belt is in place. So we start and we go around the tracks for a few minutes with 10 or so other go karts and I decide to look at Aryan and realize his seat belt is quite loose and he's slipping. So I go on the side where one of the workers is and the worker dude (the namgetag said "Scott") put a "Slow Down" behind our car so other cars wont hit us and helped me fix Aryan's seatbelt. Then he tried to make sure no cars are coming before letting us go back on the track. But right when I went on the track, some fucking idiot comes in high speed and fucking bumps us and my head jerks and hits the steel on the side. For a few second, I really cant see anything and when I do, my first thoughts are on Aryan. He's fine but I got a huge bump on my head. So we are on the side way again with Scott making the dude who stop and yell at him and with me screaming "GO SHAG A BOAR YOU TWAT." Even though it was the guy's fault since we were still on the sideway when the dude hit us and Scott has a put a red light so people can slow down and yet the dude didnt, Scott got scared cause I had a huge bump on my head. Called his manager and I got unlimited Go-Kart, Golf, Laser Tag and a gazillion tokens for a day which I can use another day!

When I got home, my head was killing me so I went to bed. It's alright now but I still got a huge bump on my head.

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