Friday, July 13, 2007

What Do You Do At 4 A.M?

Dance like a maniac! No I am not on drugs like Jess like to believe.........I just get super hyper after drinking coke which is umm all day long. So anyways, went to watch Harry Potter & OotP. We were planning to go watch it at Imax 3d but my stupid brother didnt come on time so we missed the timing and had to go watch it at a regular theatre cause I couldnt possibly wait for another day. I looooved it! Though I do feel like they missed quite a bit of stuff like not showing the locket at Sirius' place (when they are cleaning the house), or showing Neville's parents at the hospital. I also dont think they focused much on Umbridges little army or explain her character more or that of Hagrid's brother. If people only watch the movies and not read the books, I think they might be a bit confused? Oh well. I should have expected that by now. The movies as good as they are, never match the books. I am so dying for next Saturday to come fast so I can get my book and finally kill the suspance! Did I ever say I have no patience at all?

Oh what else? Seeing that I am such a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Beckhams fan (ya ya shut up!), I got super excited about the W photoshoot! Gonna try to get it tomorrow. Tomorrow's quite a big day.....(is it really tomorrow or today...lets just say friday). David's official presentation, Victoria's Jay Leno, other gazillion interviews and pictures. Fun. I would go buy David's jersey I would but its way too much and I had to beg my mom for $20 to go see Harry Potter so I dont think I can afford it now.

Talking about money, Ryan finally called me as he got my financial aid packet I sent. He said in case I didnt get approve for that, I should apply for a loan beforehand so I did that but I need a cosigner and my dad agreed to it (sorta). So if everything is sorted, I am going to Tampa in October and LONDON next July. (Please God please, let that happen!). I am getting more excited now. That's about it in my life now. So boring.

P.S: Satan Jr. a.k.a Aryan is my brother :-p

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Cristina said...

I've always wished I could go away to school and London would have been divine! What a wonderful opportunity and experience that will be for you!

As for financial aid and school loans, I know what a hassle they could be. I had to learn everything and anything there is to know in that department so if you ever need any advice/tips, just let me know and I'd be more than happy to help!