Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ready For School

The other day, I bought Aryan some red crocs. I know they are ugly and all but I think they look super cute on little kids and I am a huge Mickey Mouse fan so anything with Mickey, I get it. Oh and theres just no way I can rest if there is any money in my pocket until I spend it. So anyways I go and buy him the crocs and when I get home, he is fast asleep and my mom hates them. She said she willl not let him wear them. The next morning he wakes up and he sees them and he is in love with them. He havent taken them off since. Though my mom still refuses to let him wear them when he goes out....shes wacko.

Here are some pictures I took of the morning after I bought the crocs. He is wearing his all time favorite "engwind" shirt that Sarah got for him, with his backpack and new crocs, all ready for "school"......

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